The works I am currently involved in are semi-autobiographical paintings based on
narratives from my life. The forming of narrative is very important to my work, isolating
the situations I have been in or dreamed and linking them with outside influences (i.e.,
books, myths, paintings and comics). These small personal stories of place and sensation
are a way of making self-portraiture. I feel like working as a storyteller helps me stay
aware in my day to day. By focusing on the everyday situations I set up reasons to comb
through and reflect on moments with heightened emotional clarity. My intent isn’t just to
tell the stories, but to create idiosyncratic comparisons between important objects, closely
examined characters, my own personal spaces, memories, and the medium I am working

    In each of my pieces I work with overarching themes from books, myths and other
paintings. My narratives are a process of seeking out commonalities between these
themes, unpacking and reconstructing them. Some themes stick, inform and generate new
work and some lose their meaning and get tossed aside.

    Because I work in different mediums it is important to me that each story evolves
through experiments of trial and error. I have found that if I work rigorously enough on a
story it takes on a life of its own and calls for its own materials and guides the process. In
my studio I cut things out of paper, draw, redraw, and try my best to seek the right
gesture, color, line or pattern. I want to pare back and isolate moments. Each work is an
attempt to give space and air to the story’s objects and characters, so that they have room
to breathe and live in their space. I want my work to be like pulling back a veil onto a
world of hidden moments, fragments of stories that call out to be seen.